Christian Mission of South India

When my spirit grows faint within me, it is you who watch over my way. In the path where I walk people have hidden a snare for me.

– Psalm 142:3

Ministries: Children's Minisstry

Children's ministry primarily focuses on education. CMSI manages a Christian School, and V. Benni's wife Elizabeth is one of the key individuals the Lord is using to educate children through the school ministry. CMSI through child education sponsors ($30 per month) tries to help children receive an education who otherwise would not be able to acquire one.

Another great outreach is the yearly VBS sessions held each year. Over 6,000 children in the villages can be introduced to the Bible each year through the VBS sessions conducted in the churches. Through their children's involvement in VBS, adults are contacted also and invited to listen to the gospel message.

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